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The Not In Here Story Reviewed on Adoption.Com

The Not In Here Story Reviewed on Adoption.Com

It’s always thrilling to see one of our books get reviewed. I guess it’s like watching your best friend hit a home run or get a standing ovation or something. It’s especially thrilling when a book gets reviewed years after its release date.

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Books Before Bandaids Reviews A Gift from Greensboro

Take a look at this great review we just got from blogger Sarah at Books Before Bandaids! Click here for full review.

Here's an excerpt:

"These layered images, allow for many conversations about Civil Rights and current events. Throughout the passionate book doves fly from page to page, bringing the idea of peace and hope full circle. This is a moving book that I would recommend to anyone, a must read in light of current events. Lansana and Hill bring history alive and make it modern and real for readers struggling to understand the what and the why of current events."