Meet Tiffany McKnight

We asked the authors and illustrators of our current and upcoming titles about their favorite childhood book...and as a bonus we asked for photos of them as kids. Meet Tiffany! probably already know Tiffany if you've been paying attention to Penny Candy news! Tiffany is an artist, illustrator, graphic and pattern designer, and the creator of the coloring book, NUVEAU: The Future of Patterns. 

Tiffany, kindergarten

Tiffany, kindergarten

Tiffany McKnight

Tiffany McKnight

Growing up with three older siblings Tiffany learned to develop her imagination early in life by creating hundreds of paper dolls by hand, reading fashion magazines, and creating animations through video games like Mario Paint. From the beginning Tiffany always knew one of her many gifts was to explore the arts.

Born in Miami, Florida and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, she moved to Oklahoma City and received her BFA in Studio Art from the University of Oklahoma in 2012. Her art is inspired by her love for color, African textiles, Art Nouveau, and biology, and often pays homage to the vibrancy she experienced growing up in Southern Miami.

She currently resides in Oklahoma City and continues to expand her vivid style through an array of media. You can find her patterns recently published on the labels of certain flavors of San Francisco’s own Clearly Kombucha and on luxury wallpaper produced in collaboration with SixTwelve and Ketch Design Centre. Tiffany was named a 2016 Angel Award recipient that acknowledges unsung heroes that have effected positive change in the lives of others.

About her favorite childhood book, Tiffany writes, "Scrambled Eggs Super! by Dr. Suess was one of most favorite books of all time, so much so I still physically own a copy! My favorite thing about Scrambled Eggs Super! was that it allowed my imagination to run wild by showcasing all the different animals and their patterned eggs in the Seuss world! One of my favorite meals is breakfast, and this book really set the standard for me and inspired me to cook perfect scrambled eggs—assisted by my mother. One of my favorite parts of the book is the very last page when the siblings are in the kitchen looking at the rich bounty of all of the beautifully patterned and different sized eggs. I remember being genuinely excited at the sheer amount of eggs they foraged as well as thinking about all of the different things they could create with so many eggs. This book will always hold a special place in my heart, and I cherish the way Seuss illustrated such colorful whimsical books for children." 

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Our newest title! NUVEAU: The Future of Patterns

We're so excited for this coloring book to hit the shelves. We've tested it on kids and adults, to rave reviews by both. Working with Tiffany (the artist) and Amy (director of SixTwelve with whom we teamed up to make this book possible), has been and continues to be a joy. The book is on its way as we speak and will be available to ship in early January. You can pre-order one (or five or ten) on our website now, or go to the party tomorrow night (in OKC) to grab one of our 100-or-so early copies, which Tiffany will sign! Check out this rad video for more: