Announcing Penny Candy Bundles!

Penny Candy is all about sparking big conversations between kids and their adults through our thought-provoking picture books. And now, with the introduction of our Bundles, we’ve made it easier than ever to find the right books or book start those conversations!

Whether you’re a teacher, librarian, counselor, or caregiver, or just a fan of kidlit, you might be looking for books about certain themes or topics. Perhaps you’re searching for books about love and family? Equity and diversity? Friendship? Loss and grief? Creativity and imagination? Maybe you’re looking for good poetry books for kids? Books about girl power? Books that invite kids to enter into global conversations? Our new Bundles give you the ability to search and purchase our books by theme.

We hope you find this to be helpful! And hope you have a happy summer full of great books and great conversations.

Heart, PCB