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Inspired by the picture book Trini’s Big Leap, The Big Leap is a home for stories about children and families who discover new strengths—physical, emotional, intellectual, artistic, social—at home and in your communities. We invite you to share a story about collaboration, courage, or perseverance in one of three ways—through a story told in 200 words or less; through up to three photographs; or through a child’s drawing that captures the big moment.

We will choose stories to post here on the The Big Leap for the world to enjoy! To get you started, here’s a drawing and a story from the creators of Trini’s Big Leap.

Frankie hangs out


Frankie Marvel was truly a marvel at adding twos and threes. Sometimes he would count past all ten fingers on his two hands. Sometimes he would count Trini’s somersaults and the number of blocks in William’s tower and the number of shoes on Keisha’s feet. But there was no way he was ever going to trust himself to hang from the monkey bars in the gym his father took him to. That seemed like a ridiculous way to spend his time, and besides, he had been born with skinny arms.

“You can’t say you can’t if you don’t try,” Keisha could be heard telling him.

“Numbers are more interesting from up high,” William would say.

“This is silly,” Trini once said. “Don’t you think so?”

“Nope,” Frankie Marvel said. Every. Single. Time.

One word. One syllable. One boy. One wasn’t a very interesting number.

If Frankie didn’t try, he could not fall. If Frankie didn’t try, he could not fail. If Frankie didn’t try, he would never laugh the way the others laughed when they hung from their long arms, short arms, wide arms, thin arms and swung.

Frankie watched. Frankie waited. Frankie did his marvelous math. And then one day Frankie decided: I think I’ll take a turn. His friends gathered around. They counted one two three. They lifted Frankie to the bar, and he reached, and his skinny arms were strong skinny arms, and four five six seven eight, the others counted, then nine ten eleven twelve, they went on, then, “Wow, Wow, Wow,” Frankie said, because suddenly his world was a whole lot more interesting than it had ever been.

Trini's Big Leap
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